How To Win A Woman Back


Want to know how to win a woman back for good? There are a few things you can do that will have her eating out of your hand in no time. But these secret methods are only for those who are truly committed to saving your relationships and willing to do whatever it takes. Chances are that all of these steps will not be easy or feel natural. Nothing worth having is every really easy anyway. They are though, when used properly, effective methods of how to win a woman back.

Stop being needy

Men are often shocked to see so many women dating absolute jerks. It isn’t that women are actually attracted to jerks. What we are attracted to are men who are confident, strong, and independent. It’s deeply ingrained. Women want a man to take care for them, protect the family, and be a rock when the world feels like it is falling apart. The worst thing you can do is appear weak. That doesn’t mean you can’t be sensitive just that you need to seem strong to her at all times if you are sincerely interested in how to win a woman back.

Be supportive

One thing that many women, whether they are dating “nice guys” or “jerks” complain about is feeling as though they have no support system at home. Does she have a hobby, a career, want to further her education? If you don’t know it’s time to find out what her goals are and sincerely offer to help her achieve her goals. Support her in her efforts and help her live up to her potential.

Show affection

She needs to feel treasured and cherished. Men show affection and feel loved when sexual needs are met. It’s different for women. Remember that there is more than one form of intimacy. Even if you aren’t comfortable holding hands, snuggling in bed at night, or rubbing her back after a long day, those are the small gestures that make her feel loved. One of the best ways how to win a woman back is to make her feel secure in your love for her.

Many relationship problems come down to simple matters of misconceptions and misunderstandings. Once you learn these three steps you will be on your way to the secret of how to win a woman back every time. Be a pillar of strength instead of someone else for her to take care of. Support her interests, growth, and goals. Then, show her that you really do love her with casual signs of affection and love. These three things will have her eating out of your hand in no time and leave you wondering why you were ever worried about how to win a woman back in the first place.

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