How To Win Your Guy Back


Going through a break up? Desperate to know how to win him back? You first action should be to stop any & all contact. Probably the last thing on your mind, but it will work. Believe me.
No doubt you are in some serious emotional pain right now. No doubt your emotions are in total turmoil. Well, stopping all contact with him will do two things.
The first benefit is you get a bit of healing time to yourself. A chance to heal on an emotional level. Important in two ways, your wellbeing. And also important to the plan to get him back.
Trying to win him back in an unbalanced state will certainly kill any chances you have. Being in total control allows you to sensibly handle any situation that he might throw at you. You can demonstrate just how ‘grown up’ you are, even though you are expected to be fragile.
Second on the list, cutting contact allows him to miss you. But he split with me you say. Why will he notice my absence? You were a big part of your ex’s life for a while. Not being there now will force him to wonder about you.
If he notices you are not around you are at least in your ex’s thoughts. It works well for you to be in their thoughts just a little, rather than not at all. When you pester and plead with him he has negative thoughts about you. When he thinks of your absence the thoughts are normally good.
Ok I’ll stay away, but for how long? I suppose every situation is different and so will the period of absence. Only my opinion but I’d say no more than 3 weeks, maybe 4. Don’t give him enough time to move on.
Once you are in full control of your emotions you’ll need to make the next move. But what is that move? Good question! The simple answer is to arm yourself with a game plan. A plan that you can easily follow all the way to the end.
You have acouple of options really. You can try to win him back using your own charm. Good luck with that. Or use a system for success created by someone else.
There are quite a few systems like this that you can get on the web, even thought it’s hard to believe. Methods that work, have worked before and will work again. Methods that are easy to follow from start to finish.
I simply couldn’t believe such claims when I first saw these systems. It came as a shock, but it didn’t take long for me to start believing. One such system has testimonials from six thousand couples, and counting!
There’s a couple ways you can go here. Try to wing it and get your ex back yourself. Or take the route that the smart people take and borrow the wisdom of some successful people. I don’t know about you but I know I’m taking the second route.

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