What to Say to Your Ex Listen


Do you know what to say to your ex that has the power to change his mind about the end of your relationship?

Did you know that there are some phrases that are going to have him listening more carefully to what comes next than almost anything you’ve said to him during your time together?

But you need to understand that what you do is just as important as what you say to your ex when it comes to winning him back.

1) “I agree. A little space is just what we need.”
Or something along those lines. He might actually be stunned into silence. Whether you’ve seen the end coming for quite a while or you’ve already gone through bouts of begging him to take you back and email/text message pleas for forgiveness it is now a good time to agree that a separation is best. Absence makes the heart grow fonder after all. You simply need to be absent for a little while in order for that to occur.

2) Of course this isn’t the only thing what to say to your ex to make him listen. After a while you can call and invite him to lunch – no strings. During that lunch remind him of what a strong and beautiful woman you are.

Look your best, dress to impress, and let him know that you’ve moved on with your life but don’t close the door on having him in your life. Let him know that you still miss him but make it clear that you aren’t pining away for him either.

3) Let him know how much you value the time you had together and thank him for having been an important part of your life. This may accomplish many things. For you, it allows you to gauge his response. For him, it puts him off guard because it is not what he’s expecting.

Remember at all times to be confident and poised; not needy. But let him know that you have no regrets about your relationship even though ending it hurt. Put the ball in his court for the time being and see what happens.

It’s never easy knowing what to say to your ex – especially when what you really want is to beg them to take you back. Just remember that your dignity will impress him more than your tears and a strong woman is an asset to most men.

Be that strong woman he wants by his side. Actions always speak louder than words but the advice above is an excellent start if you are still looking for what to say to your ex. Are you ready to start talking?

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